Sunday, May 27, 2007

College Life

Dear Mama, I hope and Tom are doing fine.

I took your advice and went downtown with my stalker, Xavier one night. He was nice, but he just wasn't Nolan.

The bartender at the club has some of the longest hair. I wonder if it ever gets in the drinks. I drank bottled water all night as I was worried about the whole hair issue.

What is your problem with Nolan? I don't understand why you say I should stop seeing him. What did he ever do to you?

I wonder where his mind is on some dates. He has mentioned you at the weirdest times. Why won't you tell me about your history with him. I thought you would be happy that I found such a loving man.

I completed my skills. Where is the reward you spoke of?

I'm happy to announce that I am now engaged to Nolan. I was so excited when he agreed to marry me.

I got the 'package' you sent me total. Hmmph. Why would you EVER agree to this? Fine then, I will have an affair if it kills me. Nolan is so worth it. I just hope my heiress is the only child I have to have from the affair. Why didn't you tell me earlier about the contract???

Just because I have to have an bastardette from an affair, I REFUSE to get rid of Nolan. Is that what happened to you? Did you have someone that you could not do that to? Was Tom the second choice? Who was the first?

Just another night that Nolan and I celebrated our love. I still want to know who your first choice was. Why won't you tell me? What is the big deal?

Here is one of my annoying dorm mates. She is rude enough to drive me bonkers!!

Off to my final exam of my senior year. Boy the time has flown past!

I GRADUATED!! WOOT!! My brothers are on the never ending plan...who knows if they will EVER graduate?

Nolan graduated also and came over to celebrate with me.

Time's up at the dorm! See you soon!
Love ya! Penny
Part 7

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Mama....

Dear Mama, I am proud to say I have finished my freshman year at College. Life surely was different not living with you and Tom.

Here is the campus map to show you were I live and how far away my brothers are from me. I'm sorry you were sick and were unable to visit me at my dorm. Why again couldn't I move to a larger dorm?

This is me on my first day at the dorm. This seems like such a long time again when it was only two semesters.

I invited your friend Nolan over. He was more than happy to show me around campus and introduce me to everyone. I guess you forgot how I met him one afternoon when I was younger.

My brothers live in off-campus housing. Why did I have to move to the dorm? Why couldn't I stay with them? Peter, of course, is always talking about classes.

Phil already found a girlfriend, her name is Tricia. I don't know how serious he is about her since he told me he wants to leave a legacy of some sort here with lovers or something like that.

Was this one of your Professors? His name is Professor Adrian. He thinks everything I tell him is funny or something.

Would you believe he actually played catch with me until after dark one night?

I did manage to get into your old Greek house when I met Mitch and Max. They said I remind them of you. How well did you know them?

Oh - I have a STALKER! Xavier, your downtown friend, stalks me on a dialy basis. I think I need to tell the boys so they will take care of him.

Here I am one night playing chess with a dorm mate. He thinks I was right to protest the 'Rights of a Heiress' also.

Just like you told me, I am finishing up my last skill of body points. When will I be rewarded for all this work and no play???

I have found the best place to hang out is in my bedroom. Nolan has become on of my closest friends around campus. He even said he will take care of stalker Xavier if I want him to.

I've been saving all my money to build this nice little greenhouse on the side of my dorm. My dorm mates don't seem interested in it though.

The money trees were a great gift. Thank you. I would not have finished the greenhouse in time if it wasn't for them.

Here I am on my way to my final exam to finish out my freshman year! When will I get that letter you promised about the 'deal' you made? I still am unsure why you didn't want to tell me yet.

Oh by the way, I got my FIRST KISS!!! One afternoon in the kitchen, Nolan just grabbed me and made out with me. WOW! So this is what I was missing!! I think he could be the one mama! I think he could be the ONE!!!
Kisses to you and Tom....Penny

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Evidence Is Shown

Looks like you and Penny are becoming the best of pals now.
Why won't you tell me about their 'sperm donor'? I am their father. There is more to being a father than just donating the sperm. Why won't you tell me?

If I wasn't their father, why would I be there for their birthdays? Who is the sperm donor? Tell me...please
Sorry you think you aren't the sperm donor, you must talk to Aston about that. Isn't Penny a pretty child?

Phil has also grown up into a handsome little boy. What is wrong with your belly Aston? Why is it so big?
YOUR FAULT! You told me to let Tom have some and I did and now look at me! I'm HUGE!!!

Tom is totally believing my story now, see here his son Tim also has my skintone like his siblings.
Are we sure this is Tom's kid??
GAWD! Do you ever stop? Let him enjoy his kid!

Hello Penny! Nice to see you are studying hard. know I am treated differently than my brothers. This isn't fair! They have more freedom than me!
You are the heiress, what did you expect? Plus you aren't treated differently.

Exhibit A - Butterflies! You would have thought I caught them, right? WRONG! My brother Phil did it on one of his 'free will' afternoons. Do I get that? Oh no, not me...Mama says 'I'm the heiress I have to study to max out those skills. Just think of the reward.' WHATEVER!!! More evidence to come!!

How is Tim, Tom?
This is totally different than my other three kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my other kids, but this just feels different than when I held them.

Aww, Tim is a handsome little boy also.
He is, isn't he? His first friend is waiting for him on that chair also. So let me get him on his rabbit to make friends.

Way to go Tom!

Time sure has flown around here, huh? Tim is already a child!
Tom spends all his time with Tim now. He told me the other day that it takes more than a sperm donation to be a father. What did he mean?
And you graduated college? Oh yes, I almost forgot you never went to class and slept your way to get those grades.

Peter has turned out nicely, huh?
I suppose if you are into the studying type. All he cares to do is to study. No interest in girls or anything. He will probably earn his college grades.

EXCUSE ME!! Exhibit B! My brothers are playing chess TOGETHER! Do I get to play chess with anyone else? Oh no! Not the heiress, the heiress isn't allowed to play chess. Mama says 'The heiress must max out each skill before moving to the next skill.'
Do you really want to play with Phil? He cheats....

You turned out to be a real pretty girl. Congrats! I hear you just want to have a family and become Captain Hero or something.
Why wouldn't I be? Don't forget, there are more exhibits to come! We want fairness for the heiress!

Phil didn't turn out that bad either, I suppose.
He only has time late at night to work on his skills. He is too busy off chasing all the teenage girls in skirts! Just like his mom!!

Exhibit C - Look at Peter out there with that Meadow girl! Am I allowed to meet boys and get my first kiss?? Oh no, not the heiress! Mama says 'The heiress will get her first kiss with someone who really matters, not a local trampy townie kid.' Do you see how I am being treated differently???
No, not really but you are entitled to your opinion. That is a funny quote considering how your mom was in college.

Nolan! You brought Nolan around??
Hush! The kids are at school and Tom is at work! I've missed him so much since you FORCED me to marry Tom.
I did not force you...

Exhibit D - I got a cold! Did my brothers get a cold? Oh no, not them.
What did your mom say this time?
Mama says 'This will only make the heiress stronger.' GAWD! I want to have some fun like they do. What else does the heiress have to do???

Peter went off to College late one night. I'm gonna miss my oldest son. It won't be the same around here.
It was time for him to move on, he couldn't stay here forever you know.
You know what this means, right. It means I am getting OLDER!!! ARRGH!!

Exhibit E - I CAUGHT on FIRE!!! Do my brothers get caught on fire?? Oh no, only me. Mama says 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' I'm tired of her explanations.
You can't die! Then this will all end there.
What would end? I'm confused, what would end?
Talk to your mom....

No, I didn't die. Phil came to my rescue while Tim just yelled. Some nice looking fireman was here also. Did you see the man in uniform? RAWR!! Mama says 'A man in uniform is the best type of man.'
Your mom should know....

Phil is also off to College. He said he has done enough around the house and it is time for him to expand his black book and go to college.
He sounds just like you did....

What happened to the puppies?
Those dogs HATE each other! And when I say hate, I mean hate. They fight all the time. Rover ran away for a week to get away from Moofy. When one sleeps, the other stands over it and growls.

My baby boy has grown into a teen now. Being that he has heard from Phil, he is ready to go to all the parties at College.
Sounds like your family has grown up just fine now. Did you tell Penny about her future?
You mean I have to tell her??? Why don't you tell her?
Remember the contract? The contract says you must explain to the heiress her role for the next generation.

So are you ready to venture off to college also?
YES! I have had enough of mama's sayings. She has some 'official document' to show me and then I will be leaving also. Why would she be nervous about showing it to me?
Oh that, she will explain it to you.